SHOUTcast on the Cloud - Run Your Own SHOUTcast Business!

Running a single ShoutCast stream with over 1000 listeners? Want to start your own Shoutcast Hosting Company?
Let our professional technicians install and manage your OWN SHOUTCAST BUSINESS! ShoutCast WHM Sonic VPS - Includes complete installation, set up & managment. You'll be able to run your own Shoutcast hosting company, and with the included Cpanel / WHM, sell web hosting and even offer your own reseller packages!
cpanel cloud vps
With your choice of backend scripts (WHM Sonic Auto DJ or the Centova Cast Auto DJ) including CPanel / WHM, you'll not only be able to host several streams at once with unlimited a listener count, you can also be a web host & offer your clients a reseller option! Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) come with all the scripts & software PRE-CONFIGURED
WHM / CPANEL VPS - Looking for a Virtual Private Server to run your own web hosting business? With the WHM / CPANEL VPS Package, you are the host! Root access means you'll have complete control of your system, you decide what features to offer your clients, offer reseller packages, block or allow ports, manage via WHM or SSH - the possibilities are endless! Includes WHM / Cpanel, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Reseller Accounts, 30 GIG Disk Space, 750 GIG Bandwidth, 1 GIG RAM, all license fees, Installation, Setup (SAME DAY INSTALLATION) ORDER WHM / CPANEL VPS - $75/mĀ + $25/set up

Real-Time Support

First Time with Root Access?.Let our professional tech's guide you into running your own SHOUTcast business with one-on-one voice or text support. Our Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Installation Team will stand by their installations and correct any issue that may come up. The key to a successful SHOUTcast business requires Stable and Dependable Servers.

Centova Cast Cloud VPS

Your the Shoutcast Host! Our Centova Cast VPS is great for anyone that wants to start their very own Shoutcast business. This is NOT a Reseller package - a VPS is just like your own dedicated server at a fraction of the price. Also includes cPanel/WHM with unlimited cPanel accounts, which means you can also be the Web Host!

Earn Recurring Income

In most cases, you should earn about 3 times the amount of money you spend per month. For example, our Centova Cast VPS comes with 10 Accounts and costs $99/m - Say you sell each account to your clients for about $25 each per month. (about what we charge our clients) - that's $250/m. But don't forget, you also get unlimited Web Hostings Accounts with that package, and that's just to start, as you grow just upgrade your package, the earning potential is endless!

WHMSonic Cloud VPS

Your the Shoutcast Host! Our WHM Sonic VPS package sells itself! You'll get the WHM Sonic ADMIN plugin, cPanel & WHM - all with UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS! This low cost Shoutcast solution can hold thousands of MP3's and is guaranteed to keep your clients happy!

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